What’s Pay-per-Click (PPC) - The Benefits of PPC, a Beginner’s Guide

There are myriad websites floating on the internet. Every website wants to be seen and gain traffic. However, most sites fail to reach the desired target as their marketing strategy lacks the planning and proficiency to gain the visibility. Getting your website at the targeted place is the most important part of the promotional campaigns. The small firms can’t afford to keep all the marketing eggs in one basket. The firms that want to overtake their competitors can't afford to overlook PPC (Pay-Per-Click), a great marketing strategy to gain the excellence in highly cut-throat competition.

What is PPC?

In layman terms, PPC is generally related with keywords. A company that wants to do PPC buys keywords. Generally, the advertising company pays to Google Ad Sense or other PPC companies for per click when a visitor types particular keyword or phrase on search engine and click on the link of the website. PPC, however, is a little confusing to many.

Here is the beginner’s guide about PPC and the terms related with it;

PPC or Pay-Per-Click – It is the marketing model where the advertiser is charged for per click on its ad on a particular link. If the ad is seen, but not clicked, then it is not charged.

Publisher- Publisher is the party who hosts the ads on its website. For instance; if you want to place your ad on Yahoo then Yahoo is the publisher. Moreover, Google Ad Sense will also be known as a publisher as the ad is placed through it.

Advertiser- Advertiser is the party that purchases the advertising space. In this phrase, the advertiser buys certain keywords that it thinks ranks higher and is searched more in Google and is related with its company.

Click-through- It is determined when a visitor clicks the link attached to the website and subsequently visits the website. The number of clicks on the links decides the cost of the campaign.

CPC or Cost per Click- The way to determine the rates of per click. It is the phrase where advertiser quotes his paying rates for per click to the publisher.

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