Know About WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most used CMS and millions of the websites are running on it smoothly. Plugins are the way to extend the functionality that is already installed in WordPress. Plugins give a lot of freedom to a user to tailor the functions according to his need and create customized functions on his website for the visitors.

What’s a WordPress Plugin?

A Plugin is software, which contains several functions and can be added to a WordPress website to create better room for user-interface and enhance the performance of the website in the long run. WordPress coding is written in PHP language, which is friendly to a WordPress website.

For Example- Every website now demands to have social media plugins. Plugins like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest etc. Nonetheless, Plugins are easy to install or uninstall. Using FTP client, one can do it with ease. Since, most of the plugins are free, but they don't come with tech support. So in case they stop working or give an error, a user has to sort it out.

There are multiple kinds of wordpress plugins that have higher quality than others. So a user has to choose the right ones carefully. For instance, is the right plugin is compatible with the current version of WordPress website or not? This helps in decision making.

Why are Plugins useful?

A user doesn't have to look for a programme every time he needs to add features to a website. He can install plugin simply by finding in the WordPress website. It doesn't rewrite a line of code to do it. Hence, Plugins got famous for their simple functionality and great advantages.

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