Google Shaking Things with Algorithm Change

Changing the placement of AdWords on the page- February 2016

After months of speculation and testing, Google, Inc. has finally changed their placing of ads from the right column of the page to first four links on the page. They are sandwiching the links by further placing 3 ads on the bottom of a page. This has the whole PPC community talking and trying to find the new ways to enter into the top spot. Some view it as Google's shift towards mobile users as in smartphones right side column is not visible. So, to capture that market Google is making this shift as its number has increased many times and is likely to increase more.

Google updates Core Search Ranking but says nothing to with Penguin- January 2016

People were baffled to see massive changes in their site ranking and there were all sorts of reports about Google updating their algorithm Penguin but Google was quick to deny the reports. They said it was only core ranking change but it is unrelated to Penguin.


Google goes completely automatic for Web search results with RankBrain Algorithm- October 2015

Google has announced that it has been working on artificial intelligence for filtering web search results and going to implement it soon.

After 10 long months, Google Panda 4.2 is coming out- July 2015

Google has released updated version Panda 4.2 and says it will take months for Panda 4.2 to fully function across the whole web.

Google’s Phantom got updated- May 2015

The change which many websites were expecting has finally hit them hard. Now they have to pay real money and some lost heavy traffic.

Updates for mobile user aka Mobilegeddon— April 2015

To ensure that mobile users get the accurate search result Google has introduced an update in their Mobile add-ons, to give them a better experience.

Fluctuations caused by E-Commerce update- February 2015

This update has caused webmasters all sorts of problems but Google didn’t confirm any updated from their side.

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