Know About WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most used CMS and millions of the websites are running on it smoothly. Plugins are the way to extend the functionality that is already installed in WordPress. Plugins give a lot of freedom to a user to tailor the functions according to his need and create [...]

Always Look for the Best PHP Development Services

PHP is one of the most important reliable programming languages to develop websites. According to the rough estimate, more than 244 million websites are running on PHP. The number can make anyone silent for a moment. It reflects the benefits and importance of PHP to dip the websi [...]

Android Application Development - Beginner’s Guide

Google, Inc. is reaching new milestones with ever new innovation. Android, the Operating System (OS) of Google, is stretching its reach to the people living in suburbs and rural areas, too. Many big networking giants are sending drones to remote areas and providing internet faci [...]

Must have WordPress plugins for 2015

Wordpress is one of the most used developing platforms for the websites and other application. It is completely safe and secure, and often the first choice of many developers. WordPress SEO- It is not meant for plugins only, but doing the complete search engine optimization [...]