Google Shaking Things with Algorithm Change

Changing the placement of AdWords on the page- February 2016 After months of speculation and testing, Google, Inc. has finally changed their placing of ads from the right column of the page to first four links on the page. They are sandwiching the links by further placing 3 a [...]

List of Important SEO Tools for 2016

SEO is an unending process and as we have entered in the new year 2016, it’s time to reflect some of the best digital marketing tools to consider and make better use of SEO. Google Page Speed Insights- Another masterstroke by Google Inc. to help digital marketers finding succ [...]

Steps to use Google Adsense in the best ways

AdSense can be a daunting and somewhat much tiresome process. Google uses its advanced algorithms to curb out low quality websites that aren't following Google's guidelines. It is done to keep the web a genuine place for marketers to show off their work by following rigid rules a [...]