Android Application Development - Beginner’s Guide

Google, Inc. is reaching new milestones with ever new innovation. Android, the Operating System (OS) of Google, is stretching its reach to the people living in suburbs and rural areas, too. Many big networking giants are sending drones to remote areas and providing internet facilities to the left out people to connecting with the world and help in making their lives, better and efficient.

Google is the king of the internet and knows how to target the customers. Due to their unique marketing strategy and constantly developing OS, company is serving more than a billion unique Android users, around the globe. Roughly speaking, over 60 billion times, different android applications have been installed on billions of handheld devices that pumped the Market Share of Internet giant to 58.1 percent. WOW!!! This shows the glimpse of android market and the myriad opportunities for developers.

The process of creating an android application doesn't differ from making any kind of mobile application on other platforms or OS. As a programmer, one must need to understand the process in-depth and work in that direction to come up with an eminent application that can tell why it's better than all its competitors and is worthy of the space on your device.

Let us discuss those steps that help you in becoming a skilled Android OS programmer;

  • Gain info about Android-
If you aren’t an avid user of android and hasn’t got your first android smartphone or rarely plays with your android enabled device, then you must start operating its function to comprehend the technology. It helps miles.

  • Learn JAVA
Android OS is entirely built on Linux Kenel, so JAVA is a must language to learn for the developer. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) understands JAVA language.

  • Android Studio and Eclipse
After learning JAVA, the next step is; to learn Integrated Development Environment (IDE). However, there are certain challenges; a developer can witness regarding speed and multitasking. Alternative Android Studio is Eclipse that is used to develop applications.

  • Take baby steps
When you are a beginner, don’t ever rush things. As a beginner, most try to complete with Uber or other established apps with millions of users, but they fail tremendously on various counts. Start with basic apps like calculator, flashlight, alarm clock, memo list etc. to sharp skills and train your mind to handle various tasks. This way, your brain will start seeing the slightest errors that you never thought of after developing many apps by yourself.

  • User Interface
User-Interface is highly important for the success of any android app. There are many handheld devices with different screen sizes. An app should fit in all those screen sizes automatically without lagging or frustrating user to adjust the settings.

  • Testing
It is one of the most important tasks in the development stage. After the app is made, testing ensures its working progress and takes out all the errors to make the app run smoother. Oh well, no one loves to see an app crashing. Especially, the users; they hate it.

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